Ladbrokes or PointsBet – Which One to Choose?

23 September 2022
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When you are looking for secure betting action online, you will want to turn your attention to Ladbrokes or PointsBet. These two sites have excellent reputations in the industry and provide you with a great opportunity to engage in online sports betting while having the chance to collect some huge payouts. Let’s take a close look at what Ladbrokes and PointsBet have to offer.

Ladbrokes or PointsBet: Who does it best in 2022

Ladbrokes and PointsBet are two leading betting sites and each will have some different features to offer. You will want to compare these to choose whether you should register at PointsBet or Ladbrokes (check Ladbrokes referral code available when registering on the bookmaker) and determine which will better suit your betting needs. The table below offers a comparison between the two and you can learn some useful information on Ladbrokes and the PointsBet betting sites

Ladbrokes or PointsBet Ladbrokes PointsBet
Markets 5/5 5/5
Odds 5/5 4 /5
Mobile App 5/5 4 /5
Streaming/Live 5/5 4 /5
Total mark 5/5 4 /5
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Range of Markets and Available Sports: Ladbrokes is the Winner

When it comes to market coverage, both offer some great options for wagering. Ladbrokes takes the cake with more than 30 markets covered while PointsBet only offers just over 15 markets. Both sites cover all major sports, so if you are looking to bet on popular events and professional sports, either site will meet your needs.

Ladbrokes or PointsBet

The sports these two sites have in common in regards to market coverage include:

Football Hockey
Basketball Baseball
Soccer MMA
Tennis Darts
Golf Motor racing
Boxing Entertainment
Cricket Rug
Cycling Volleyball

Ladbrokes is Top Choice

The obvious winner when choosing between Ladbrokes or PointsBet is the Ladbrokes betting site. Here, you will find an extensive offering of sports and events from all over the world. This site places a strong focus on horse racing, which is less available at PointsBet. You will also find great coverage of eSports events, which you will not find being offered at the other site.

PointsBet Market Coverage is Slim

When it comes to wagering at PointsBet you will have great odds and exclusive betting options, but there is a lack of market coverage compared to other sites. PointsBet does cover all major sports but does not offer coverage of horse or greyhound racing, which is quite popular amongst bettors. You will also not be able to wager on movies, music, or political events here as you will with Ladbrokes.

Range of Markets Comparison

While the actual sports that are offered vary per site, the bets that can be placed on the same events will also vary. Looking at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Games, Ladbrokes offers 211 betting options for the Norway Women vs England Women while PointsBet only has 126 options for the same event. Clearly, Ladbrokes is the better choice if you are looking for more opportunities when placing your wagers.

Odds Comparison and Winner

When it comes to odds, there is not much difference between Ladbrokes or PointsBet. When comparing odds for the same event, both sites are pretty close, so there is no clear winner here. You will benefit from decent odds at both sites, so you have great chances of winning with your bet.

Let’s use the same Norway Women vs England Women game. For the Total Goals Over/Under 2.5, PointsBet presents +113 and -150. For the same event, the odds at Ladbrokes are +115 and -150, so as you can see, they are very close.

Mobile App: Ladbrokes vs PointsBet

If you are looking to engage in mobile betting, you may be wondering whether to choose Ladbrokes or PointsBet. Both of these betting sites offer mobile apps for Android and iOS devices as well as a web-based platform for all other operating systems.

When taking a look at easy of access and operation, both offer simple navigation and a user-friendly layout. You can place wagers with ease and also manage your accounts using either sportsbook app. 

Ladbrokes and Pointsbet App

Overall, Ladbrokes does present a better app due to the ability to stream games and events and engage in live betting action. However, PointsBet may be a preferred option if you are looking to enjoy the exclusive points betting option that can only be found at the PointsBet site.

Live Streaming

As mentioned, if you want to live streaming on your mobile device, choosing Ladbrokes or PointsBet is simple. There is no live streaming offered with the PointsBet app at all. As for the main online site, both of these betting sites offer live streaming as well as in-play betting and they each provide a great number of games and matches on a regular basis. PointsBet has fewer options due to the smaller offering of the sports market, but the quality of the live betting platform is excellent.

Due to the Interactive Gambling Act in Australia, any form of live betting cannot be conducted online. Play betting can only be conducted via telephone. 

Overall, you may want to pass on PointsBet if you are looking for live betting action and streaming services, making the choice of Ladbrokes or PointsBet pretty simple to make.

Live betting and live streaming are subject to geographical restrictions and bettors might not be able to access all of the offered live betting markets or live streams in some areas.

Final Verdict: Ladbrokes or PointsBet

Both of these sites offer a secure betting experience and mobile access but Ladbrokes does surpass PointsBet in terms of mobile betting options, market coverage, and odds. When you are choosing your favourite, you will want to make sure your preferred sport is offered and that the odds are comparable. Both of these sites have a great reputation and will offer a rewarding experience, so it comes down to the fine details when choosing Ladbrokes or PointsBet. Check the full Ladbrokes review right here

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