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27 March 2019
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Enjoy maximum sports betting and racing action when you sign up to join Ladbrokes by registering on the Ladbrokes app, this way taking the much-anticipated step towards all access to a world of gaming, right at your fingertips.



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Here’s How to download the Ladbrokes app

The Ladbrokes app is a mobile adventure that is unrivalled and sure to give ample moments of gaming, sports betting and overall entertainment bliss, guaranteed. For a great experience that is top-notch and that aims to wow from download to gameplay, then the Ladbrokes mobile app is indeed the best way forward.

In order to get the most out of the Ladbrokes app, players will need to follow a few rather simple steps to ensure they get full access to all the Ladbrokes android app and iOS compatible Ladbrokes mobile app has on offer.


Ladbrokes Mobile Ladbrokes Mobile App

The steps include the following:

  1. Register to join Ladbrokes sports betting portal, by signing up to join the player community.
  2. Once you have successfully signed up to join Ladbrokes, go to your mobile device and check that all operating systems are up-to-date.
  3. For iOS mobile devices, head on over to the Apple App Store, and search for the Ladbrokes app.
  4. For Android mobile devices, head on over to the Google Play Store, and search for the Ladbrokes android app. Since Google Play Store does not allow betting and gambling markets on its store, it is necessary to download the apps straight from the operator’s site. Once you download the app set it up, you can start having fun as soon as the application starts working.
  5. Download the Ladbrokes mobile app
  6. Login into your recently registered Ladbrokes gaming account via your newly downloaded mobile app for Ladbrokes.
  7. Enjoy many wonderful hours of gameplay, sports betting moments and altogether superb entertainment, in the palm of your hands (literally)

System Requirements and Compatibility

Here’s what is needed to enjoy the best of the best when it comes to mobile app enjoyment.

Basically, any mobile device that has the ability to connect to an internet source, either via wifi or 4G or 5G connections will be able to access the fun-filled world of gaming on offer at Ladbrokes.

All that is needed beyond the internet connectivity is an operating system that is up-to-date. For example, the various Apple devices that make use of the iOS operating system will need to be utilising the latest version of the Apple device.

For Android compatible devices, the same will need to be adhered to, that is – the latest version of Android will need to be updated on the device in question.

Beyond that – not much more will be required to ensure the system is compatible with the Ladbrokes app overall.

The following list consists of the system requirements needed to be able to install and use the app.
As mentioned above, players need only ensure the following to be able to access a world of gaming and sports betting with the Ladbrokes app:

  1. Ensure internet connectivity is up to scratch and stable.
  2. Apple mobile devices users need to ensure that their iOS operating system is the latest version and up-to-date
  3. Android mobile devices need to ensure that their Android operating system is the latest version and up-to-date
  4. Mobile devices should always be maintained, in terms of any software security measures, to ensure their banking methods are intact and remain integral during gameplay via the Ladbrokes mobile app.

Ladbrokes Mobile App

Is there a Bonus available? If so, how can one get it?

Taking up the bonus available via the Ladbrokes app is quite possible, and quite encouraged in fact. For a welcome start that offer is quite appealing, Ladbrokes offers three different bonuses available for the uptake.

Then is the Sports betting sign up bonus, the Casino Welcome Bonus (for regions where online casino gameplay is regulated, accepted and legal) and the Poker sign up bonus, all of which are available on the mobile app, as well as the desktop version.

More on each Ladbrokes Bonus offering

The fact that each major playing portal on Ladbrokes mobile comes complete with its own bonus deal makes it a wholly alluring factor for players looking for an all-encompassing gaming portal to sign up to.

The Sport Betting Sign Up Bonus

This bonus offer is specifically designed for the sports pundits that enjoy taking their sports bets on the move, wherever they may go.

By simply signing up to join the Ladbrokes sporting community, new customers are given a great offer of 200% up to $100. (T&C Apply).

This means that on the first successful bet placed, the new customer will receive 200% in free bets refunded to them (bets that tally up to a maximum of $100).

The minimum bet size for this offer is $10, with a minimum bet rating of 1.5.

The Poker Sign Up Bonus

This bonus signs up offer is aimed at all those Poker fundis and aficionados. When a player signs up to the poker portal of the Ladbrokes app, they will be able to redeem the following:

  • 50% up to $200 (when the bonus promo code is utilized upon sign up)
    What this means is that when the player places their first successful poker deposit, a minimum of $10, the player will then receive double their deposit size. One is also able to accumulate points, where $5 is equivalent to 240 ‘status’ points.

** Important to note for all bonus offers at Ladbrokes is the fact that the welcome bonuses are only valid for 90 days, after which the bonus deals will fall away and the player will have forfeited it.

Once these bonus deals are redeemed, it opens up a whole new world of bonuses to the player as well, where the monthly privileges offered to all players include, but are in no ways limited to, the following:

  • up to 50 free points per month (where $1 = 100 points)
  • access to various tournaments
  • access to Ladbrokes special poker promo codes
  • Tickets for freerolls equivalent to between 1500 and 8000

This and more is in store when one decides to opt for Ladbrokes and joins the player community, by signing up and downloading the Ladbrokes app right away.

By registering with Ladbrokes via the Ladbrokes mobile app or Ladbrokes Android app, one is able to take advantage of the promo code presented here, by simply following these steps:

  • Select and click on the button in order to successfully display the Ladbrokes promo code, this way gaining access to the registration form.
  • Enter in all required details, i.e. your surname, your first name, a postal address, and chose a strong password for your gaming account.
  • Be sure to enter in the bonus code in the promotional code insert.
  • Remember that you’ll need to make a first deposit of at least $10.
  • Get to playing and betting with your bonus offered.

Grab your welcome mobile bonus right away!

Ladbrokes F.A.Q.

Often times, when signing up to a new sports betting portal, there are certain seemingly obvious questions that arise, in the section below, we cover most of the quite ‘obvious’ questions, and explain how to enjoy optimal sports betting, racing and poker while using the Ladbrokes app.

How to place a bet

This is indeed one of those seemingly obvious questions, which many sports betting fundi might glance over, but it is perhaps the most important question for this sports betting portal. In order to access the Ladbrokes mobile app sports betting section, all one needs to do is ensure the app is downloaded successfully to the mobile device in question, and login with the credentials used to register an account with Ladbrokes. Once in the Ladbrokes app, the customer will easily find the sports betting point of contact, and be able to bet on any event, as is available on the desktop version as well. It really is that simple.

How to make a deposit and withdrawal?

Just as important as the question on how one would go apt placing a bet, is a question about how to make a deposit.

Just as is available on the desktop version, banking at Ladbrokes is easily accessible, efficient and secure. By selecting the Ladbrokes app as the preferred betting portal, customers will quickly find that the banking options for deposits and withdrawals are as comprehensive as is available on the desktop and is SSL encryption protected. What this means is that no matter the method was chosen to make a deposit or perform a withdrawal, there will be a safe and secure process incurred, which will maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the transaction, from start to finish.

How to contact customer service?

Being able to get in touch with the friendly Customer Care agents at Ladbrokes is also a very important aspect when asking customers to enjoy top-of-the-range betting online, as all things digital tend to have certain issues and a fair amount of troubleshooting needed.
What is great about Ladbrokes is the fact that there is a dedicated 24-hour betting helpline, that customers can dial whenever they may need some assistance, after hours. Knowing that many a sports bet is kept and made any time of the day and night, means that a 24-hour betting helpline is integral to offering top-notch service.

A customer can get in touch with the customer care agents in the following ways:

  • 24/7 BETTING LINE: 1800 523 276
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 1300 523 276 (available to all customers, new and regular, 7 days a week between 8 AM and 11 PM (QLD TIME).

Overall Opinions of the Ladbrokes app

Knowing exactly what one is getting into when downloading a sports betting app is key to managing one’s expectations accordingly. This is why we take extra care in providing a comprehensive view on any given sports betting portal, and in this instance, the mobile app, as taking into account other people’s (other sports betting customers) opinions is a great way to gage these expectations indeed.

In so doing, feel free to check out the list of pros and cons that we have gathered together with regards to the Ladbrokes mobile app. This is what the player community at large have to say about the Ladbrokes app in general.

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